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Originally Posted by djb_rh View Post
So somehow I missed your thread in the early stages and only saw the last page or two recently. From that alone, I did NOT surmise that you were looking for a pretty lightweight trailer like me. But now I see I'm wrong.

What's funny is I found a toyhauler on that I thought might work and emailed the dealer (in Savannah) asking about the weight. Found out it was too heavy and was going to move along when the salesman said he had something that he could get that would work. He sent me pics and a floorplan and said he could order it and it would be $15,600, but while he'd answer my questions on it, the one thing he would NOT tell me was exactly what it was and who made it.

Turns out it was right there on the first page of your thread...the Wolf Pup by Cherokee. *sigh*

I *really* thought I wanted 8.5x18 to fit two bikes, but then today (before you posted this) I did some measuring and realized a 7' will get two bikes like I want with no problem. In fact, that's exactly what I used to take to Colorado last summer when I borrowed my Dad's, but didn't even realize it. Duh.

The problem with the Wolf Pup is the fridge makes it appear, at least that I can't really get two bikes in there. Based on some rudimentary math and screen measuring, I think it's only about 6.5 feet from the back of fridge to the ramp. That's too short for a KLR650 or my BMW G650X, which is a bit of a problem. Maybe the wheel squeaks in front of it and it's still straight?

And in searching, found one on a lot for a LOT less money than I was quoted. What a crook at the Savannah dealership:

So while I like the idea of starting with a cargo trailer and building it out, this may be close enough and worth it to me. Might still consider removing the fridge and rebuilding the galley part to nothing more than a sink tucked further forward. My other problem is I'd like to be able to get four mountain bikes in there along with two motorcycles. But I think I might be going a little crazy at that point...

assuming the floor plan drawings on the Forrest River site are scaled it looks like the measurement you are most concerned with is 7 feet. What I would do is load the bikes backwards with the front wheels angled (angling the front wheel of a bike into a corner is a very stable way to load and tie down) to each rear corner of the trailer and the tails of the bikes angled together.

What would concern me is the listed dry hitch weight of the trailer (285 lbs) then putting 900 lbs of dualsports at the back of the trailer. The axle is fairly far set back to help compensate, but I would still be a bit careful about that. Maybe you could load one up into the galley?
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