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Originally Posted by torquerat View Post

I know we had a Super Bowl over the weekend. Should I ask if there is any update / status?
I wish I could have watched the game, but I had to go out of town to take care of some personal stuff. I saw a couple of the advertisements online though. My favorite, besides the wonderful reprise of the classic Paul Harvey address, was the Miracle Montana Stain 'Go Ravens' ad. I was laughing for 10 minutes. But this is no laughing matter is it.

Something happened that will end up being good for you guys. I got a call on Monday that a company isn't going ahead with a project at this time. This not so good for me, but it happens. So for the moment I'm (nearly) all yours.

I just did an all-nighter, I've been at the bench since 11pm. I'll check in later.


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