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Originally Posted by chazbird View Post
Fiat now has a model in between the 500 (100 hp) and the Abarth (160 hp), a turbo with 130 h.p. Does any one have impressions on that?
The 500T. Haven't driven it, but read many reviews. Basically it's an "Abarth Lite." Wheels, brakes and suspension from the Sport, more open exhaust, same turbo as the Abarth but different engine management, same transmission as the Abarth. Slight changes to the interior, and a new front and rear fascia that is 'halfway" Abarth. It should be a good seller as it solves the biggest complaint about the regular 500, lack of power, but not at Abarth costs. The reviews are mostly positive, but the Sport suspension isn't damped correctly and rides too harshly.
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