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At about the 45sec mark, the video says that countersteering kicks in at about 22mph. This is an error. Countersteering works at the very moment that the bike must be balanced when other modes of balance disappear. Like when the rider's feet come off the ground and no longer have any input into keeping the bike upright and on course. Perhaps the perfect example of this is during a "slow ride" race where 2 budds try to cover the same distance as slowly as possible without touching (dab) a foot to the ground. The last budd to cross the finish line wins. At these very slow speeds, riders often have to move the handlebars very quickly almost to the lock to get the front wheel under the tipping bike and bring the bike back upright. Sometimes the clutch needs to be let out a little to pick up enough speed to get the front wheel under the bike fast enough to save the tip-over.
If anyone doubts this, ride a bicycle as slow as possible to see the same effect without risking a tip-over for the motorbike.
countersteering to lean the bike while moving, and moving the bars around to keep your balance while not moving (or barely moving) is not the same physical phenomenon. One is conservation of angular momentum, the other is simply balancing.
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