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Mrs. H and I just bought a 2013 Fiat 500 Sport Turbo and it is a fun, fast, good handling, comfortable car. I can't express how much we like this car. We retired her 1988 Alfa Milano Verde with about 250K on the clock. We have driven Alfas for 35 years. I was hoping for Alfa to return but the Milano was becoming unreliable and Alfa won't be here with anything I want or am able to afford anytime soon. I like the seating position in the Fiat. It gives a good view of the road.The Mini I test drove felt like like i was sitting on the floor. I felt the ride in the Mini was harsher.
Push the sport button in the Fiat and it really moves out. We test drove all three Sport,Sport Turbo and Abarth.
The Sport was just adequate and the I found the exhaust note on the Abarth to be really loud and unpleasant. Hey I'm old. I would have gotten the Abarth but the exhaust noise was the deal breaker. However,chacun à son goût. The 500T is more than adequate for the mostly suburban driving we do.I have been able to carry a 6 ft tall friend in the back seat and he said he was fine except for his head just touching the roof and getting out of the back was less than elegant. I have had it on the turnpike and we were surprised to be doing 85 and feeling like it was 60. I felt like I had lots of pedal left. I also like the fit and finish of the car. It's inexpensive but not cheap.

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