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Just a quick update:
So, I'm out of the wheelchair, off the crutches, and out of the boot. I've been hobbling around for the last few weeks in the boot using a cane. Just the other day I managed to get a shoe on that foot. I had to unlace it all the way, because my right foot is still larger than my left. I don't know if it will ever be the size it was before the accident. I was actually starting to worry that I'd have to buy shoes in two different sizes. So now I'm hobbling around in normal shoes, mostly using a cane, but can make it short distances without. The bones are healed according to my Dr, but I still don't have much range of motion in the ankle. That's the part that's driving me crazy. Don't know how long it's going to take to get it mostly functional again. At any rate though, it is getting better, I'm a bit more mobile, and should be able to start driving again real soon. That will let me start working again in some limited capacity at least, which I desperately need. So, for anyone following this, that's where I am, at the moment.

I hope evreyone else's life is going great, and you are enjoying many great rides. Have fun and please stay safe.
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