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Originally Posted by sgoetz628 View Post
... didn't you miss not being able to truly speak to the locals, meanwhile you don't speak Spanish?
I've seen so many put off trips over the concern of not speaking the language. I know enough Spanish to find the bathroom, order a beer, and a few other basic phrases. I just returned from my first trip to Baja and there were only a few instances where I felt lost not being able to communicate. I carried a dictionary, a Lonely Planet phrase book, and an app on my phone called Jibbigo. Jibbigo translates both directions with either a spoken or typed input and it does it without a WiFi connection! It worked great . I was even able to go into a pharmacia, tell the druggist what I needed, and have him explain the proper dosage on the cold meds, all using Jibbigo. Check it out .

Yes, being fluent in a language would be ideal but if you have the desire to travel, don't let the lack of speaking the language hold you back. Know some basic phrases and don't worry about verb tenses or proper genders. Jump in with both feet, just as Jim did.

Why are we stopping? We don't have time for that!
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