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Originally Posted by Two Moto Kiwis View Post
Cool with that and not dismissing anything, but it has to be kept in perspective too.

I am not dismissing anything as we have the same kit on ours so my eyes are open but from an engineering perspective a nice snug bolt that takes out any amount of flex is not a bad thing, not trying to upset anyone (which seems to be easy here for some reason) just keep it in perspective.

As noted above, everything is a compromise so nothing it perfect and it doesn't matter who makes what there is usually room for improvement and this only comes from gear being used in the field.

Great news BDCW stepped up to offer Craig a new bolt, excellent service to say the least
I donít think youíre getting it; the long bolt goes through the two halves of the engine cases with the paper gasket that sits in-between. You can put a super high tensile bolt in, above 12.9 and torque it up as much as you want, result will overload on the ally parts which will cause damage, with the inevitable loads it will fail and go off like bullet.

Tighten the wheel bolts on your car to 4x the recommended torque; the bolts will take that load stationary with no problem. Start driving like that and the wheels will snap the studs off and pass you on the road.
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