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Originally Posted by planktonnn View Post
Ooh, I think I know this one, don't tell me, er... is it d?'s 'F' I forked up an edit/quote/reply/edit/reply/quote/quote/quote on my post about the
charging lamp thang which started off the whole 'a' - 'b' business. I have started (?) to lose my marbles
after my incremental age-related event of last's not easy being 57, flat broke and aimless,
but as they say, someone's got to do it and it might as well be me. On a positive note, I donated a
Chinese copy of a Piaggio scooter to a car'n'bike based project for young criminals today, which made
me feel as if I'd achieved something, which was nice.........anyway, I'd like to take this opportunity to
remark upon the fact that this thread has passed the quarter-million-views mark; something of an
achievement, I'd say, which suggests that maybe, maybe, it should be dragged out the back and shot.
I only mention this because I seem to remember a passing reference to nuking it on one of planktonnn's
recent posts, and as there was no reaction from anyone at that time, I thought I'd bump the notion back
up to the frontal-cortex of the "Insert.......etc" mind/brain continuum and see what happened, if anything.
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