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Originally Posted by Old Kiwi#99 View Post
Quoting myself - thats not correct. Pulled the cams to do the clearances to day and found the cams are hollow, with passages where the bearings are.(and plugs in the ends) Pressurised oil gets to the left side caps, passes into the centre of the cams then back out the holes at the right side caps. The right exhaust is still the last place to get oil, though.
Interesting! It still seems like they could have designed a better oil system perhaps. Wet sump seems like a bad idea when it comes to something that could end up running on it's side for brief amounts of time. :S That said, they still seem to be pretty durable, even considering their 80s engine design.

Quick update: Just sitting around waiting on parts. The roads are clear of snow in SLC, and I've been fairly anxious in regards to starting the bike up for the first time. Starting to get a little nervous...

I got the right side and oil pump back together this weekend. I didn't take too many pictures, since I already documented it a lot on day 4 of the rebuild. But, I'll edit them together real quick tonight and post them.
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