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chilling...for the lackadasical attitude of the first responders. i hope if i'm ever found lying in the road people will not take me seriously (particularly if the helmet shows clear signs of damage). you can end up very dead from not taking seriously getting your bell rung...and it won't be immediately apparent. your "taking a rest" would alarm me very much.

with no witnesses, full precautions should be the rule.

i understand that you were able to recall the president etc...but that's no iron clad guarantee that something isn't very wrong...and as you found out, you were pretty far from OK.

i'm happy you're ok, perhaps the track staff should take a refresher.

thanks for sharing this is instructive of how not to deal with a rider who has crashed.

No kidding, the first responder was willing to take your word for it... sounded like the brains of the operation was on the other end of the radio, thank goodness for that. Scary noises coming from you immediately after the crash, glad you are on the mend. That could have been a lot worse. Cheers to good equipment.
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