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Originally Posted by farqhuar View Post
Sorry to take the thread off topic a little, but you raise an interesting point regarding the carnet Bigfella - specifically, how did you get your carnet deposit refunded without actually having the carnet fully stamped out of each country?

I have used carnets in the past, and the RACV was quite specific about seeing all the stamps before they would issue a release against the deposit amount (100% of the value of the bike).

I am guessing that you must have had the carnet stamped out of Malaysia when you rode across the border into Thailand and then not had the carnet stamped for entry into Thailand. When I crossed that border on my RD350 years ago (36 to be precise) carnets were most definitely required for Thailand.
I haven't sent the carnet back yet (they have asked for it) I'll send it back when the bike clears here. They were happy to have it back along with a stamped document showing where the bike was (says he, without looking up the actual email)... but that was the gist of it. I'm hanging on to every bit of paper I've got until all the bikes are under my lock and key. The deposit is only $250 out of that $1100.
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