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Today was the big day. Today we did the layup of the fiberglass to make the hull. The extra material arrived this morning. We immediately got to work cutting out the last of the fiberglass. We had 4 layers of 9oz fabric and 2 layers of 20z fabric. While that was going on, others were putting a final layer of Partall paste (wax mold release) on the mold. Then for extra security we sprayed the entire mold with PVA liquid mold release.

We then mixed the resin and starting racing to get the fiberglass cutouts in place. We probably had about 12 people helping at one point. It was really cool to see how many people wanted to come help us with this project. It was a rush, and a lot of fun. We had a few snags in the beginning but we got the hang of it and I think it turned out pretty damn good.

More wax

Then lastly a good coating of PVA liquid mold release, sprayed at 80psi

The yellow fabric is aramid (kevlar). We added some for extra protection on the nose and the chines. We also beefed up the bow with extra patches of 20oz glass.

So now we'll just keep an eye on it and sometime next week we will pop the hull off of the mold. The next step will be the transom.

Sorry about the crappy cell phone pics, didn't have a camera with me. Others had cameras today so I will try to get some more pictures to post up.
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