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After about 5-6 days of working on installing the PDM60 I have finished with the initial wiring and connections. All works exactly as described in their literature. I took my time in laying out the process before I started and it was worth it. Only had a couple of minor rerouting issues I discovered before powering it up. A couple of emails to both Rowe Electronics and RocketMoto gave me the answers I needed.

Being perhaps the first to install one of these on a 2013 FJR1300 I was a bit overwhelmed at first by trying to figure out a route for the power/load leads. All turned out well, have 3 unused spares in the dash waiting for additional farkles.

Tomorrow I'll be finishing the install by securing and final routing to button up the bike and rehang all that plastic. Have to say that after a number of years on BMWs I was shocked at the various fasteners Yamaha used on this bike, not to mention the tight fit of the dash itself and those section pieces. Practices makes perfect, but I have no plans to tear into this again for a while.

Have to say that pilot3's write up helped me solve the mounting of the PDM60 itself, very clever and it works great. Good job pilot3!!
Good deal. I forgot to mention but I've got two of the ABS backs for the PDM still here. If you want one, PM me your address and ill drop one in the mail to you.
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