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Originally Posted by Ratski View Post
I like the plywood to tie it in to the lower wall. you guys are right, storage behind this wall, but there is gonna be a matching (but longer) wall on the other side of the stairs that will see a teenager boys traffic to his room and all of his friends, etc.. so any techniques will be applied to that side too. Keep the ideas coming.

Get rid of the drywall shims you put on the studs then cut the drywall down 2ft or so. Put up plywood, 1/2", or whatever thickness of drywall is to match. Adhesive is great, then screw the plywood to studs and screw both 2x4 plates off every 6 inches. Closer the better. You can put plywood, 48", to the top of plate and cut green drywall down to match but at least 1 ft. 2 ft is better. When you hang finish d/w, screw both plates all the way across and studs. Your kids couldn't tear this wall down if they tried. Also do not have the drywall joint and plywood joint be the same, stagger them by at least a ft. as to not have a d/w joint crack.
Angle pieces on floor or from stud to plate not needed at all.
Still worried, run some lags and big washers through both plates and the floor like R1200gs_chris said.
Just looked close at your first pic. Where you ran d/w up on ceiling next to wall, that is called railroading or running same way as studs. Do NOT do this on wall. Run plywood and d/w horizontal. Also the piece that you ran up and down right next to the first stud, cut off at the height of wall and run d/w the whole length of the wall all the way to wall on left. What you have is called a cold joint and WILL crack out.Get a 12 ft piece of d/w, important to have the new wall, lower wall and side wall all one if possible.
The big one will hit and this section of your house will still be together.
What we said in Ca. when something is overbuilt!!
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