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Originally Posted by The Bigfella View Post
I haven't sent the carnet back yet (they have asked for it) I'll send it back when the bike clears here. They were happy to have it back along with a stamped document showing where the bike was (says he, without looking up the actual email)... but that was the gist of it. I'm hanging on to every bit of paper I've got until all the bikes are under my lock and key. The deposit is only $250 out of that $1100.
Hmm, maybe we are talking about different things. By deposit, I mean the bank guarantee that you need to put up in order to obtain the carnet. This used to be between 100% and 300% of the value of the vehicle and would only be returned to you once the stamped carnet (with matching entry and exit stamps for each country) was returned to them. Sounds like the process may be different nowadays.
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