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Originally Posted by elsalvadorklr View Post
good one boonie! and welcome to the xr gang once again...

I second your feelings and thoughts about $$$ its not always about whats new and bold and next generation...the same fun can be had on a 25 year old bike and a month old bike...its what the rider perceives as fun what counts...

lastly the only thing honda has dropped the ball on is building the crf650x, having said that you can make one yourself...or simply mod or make one out of a crf, xr etc..

not new but close enough

I mean a guy built a crf650x on here and sold it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for less than 4k! after investing a crap load of think honda would let one go for that? jajajajaja

save your $$ peeps...

buy the old gal some dinner with what you save when getting an oldie but goodie xr! or similar, jajajaja
"Don't get so concerned with the slab that you choose a turd for the dirt"- The Gospel as spoken by itrack
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