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I've never confused my Harley for my dirt bike. And I've never confused either of them for my snowmobile. Yet they all have right hand throttles. Can't say I've ever found myself lacking in variety because of this standardization.

Of all the planes I've flown, they all pull up when I pull the yoke back. I do not enjoy playing video games that reverse this, causing me to make mistakes I have to correct.

When I'm driving blind because of mud that got splashed on my windshield, and I'm struggling trying to find or remember where this particular manufacturer chose to hide the wiper switch, I sometimes find myself wishing for a little standardization, so I can enjoy the driving experience, instead of wasting my time and effort on things that prevent me from enjoying the drive or ride. Is it pull this knob, or maybe twist this other knob? Maybe it's flip this lever up, or down, or back, or twist it, no twist it the other way. Or in the case of a certain Fiat, Pull this knob, twist this other knob, and throw this third lever.
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