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Originally Posted by DennyMyBoy View Post

Can you share more specifics of the Gift Card you're referring to? Just checked the Triumph web site and there is no mention of it I could find.

I have committed to the purchase of a leftover 800 Tiger at a nearby dealer, but haven't picked it up yet, so you've got my attention.

I have a hunch Doc and I are on the same mailing list for Newport Beach Ducati-Triumph...they sent it out yesterday I think. Says right on it, "Newport Beach Triumph Only". I didn't save it because I'm not on the market for another one of these things.

This same dealer tacks on freight and prep automatically, so all they're doing is discounting it back off. BFD. You still have to negotiate the best deal you can get, then add on whatever factory accessories you think you need.

I think it also said for 2012 maybe they have a couple of those left.
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