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Dear knife aficionados of ADVRider:

I have always scoffed at those gentlemen who found it necessary to wear a knife that clipped to the pocket of their trousers. I believe this is referred to as the "clip knife" or "EDC knife". However, for Christmas I myself received, as a gift, one of these knives. I seem to have promptly lost the knife, or else my wife has confiscated it. In any event, in the short time I wore the knife clipped to the inside of my pants pocket, I found that I did indeed find occasion to use it. I have, for the last 26 years, always carried a Victorinox Executive knife in my pocket. Having the larger clip knife was useful for the various tasks that the swiss army knife was really too small for.

Considering the above, I went out and bought myself a Gerber Paraframe I. The knife is... acceptable. The quality seems fine, but the function is lacking. I consider the primary function of these knives to be the ability to deploy the blade with one hand. "Deploy" means being able to remove the knife from your pocket and then to flip the blade to the open position. This knife fails on both accounts. The skeleton-esque design of the knife body has a protrusion that, with the help of the spring clip, catches on the hem of your pocket. In addition, the thumb knob (probably not the correct term) is so prominent that it too manages to catch on your pants pocket, further exasperating the difficulty of simply getting the knife out of your pocket. There are knobs on both sides of the blade, so it doesn't matter which pocket you carry it in, left or right; the thing just refuses to be extricated.

Then we come to the ability to deploy the blade with one hand. It can't be done. At least not easily. Granted, this is a new knife and so it is bound to be somewhat stiff, and I forgive Gerber for making a knife that has no wiggle or wobble. Unfortunately this tightness detracts from the usefulness of the tool. I find that I wear the knife regularly, but when it comes to attempting to use it my mind recoils at the thought. I fear this will eventually lead to the knife being listed here in the ADV Flea Market.

More to come...
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