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So, I have been scanning the internet searching for a new, better, friendlier knife.

In so doing I stumbled across a breed of knife known as assisted opening. This caught my eye. It seems to solve the problem of opening the blade easily with one hand. Now, if one could couple such a feature with the ability to get the knife out of one's pocket with reasonable ease, I think we may have something that could rival my Victorinox in extracting loyalty.

So I put the question to my ADV brethren: What, in your opinion, is a good knife that solves my concerns? Are these assisted opening knives a good investment? I should add some criteria to help focus your recommendations. My desired price is around $50. I would contemplate going as high as $80, but such a knife would have to really catch my fancy. I'd like something that fits nicely in the hand (and I don't have overly large hands) but is not too bulky in the pocket. My Gerber has a blade length of 3.5 inches and that seems nice. I also shy away from knives that are too thick, as they too have too much "pocket presence", as it were.

I thank you in advance for your assistance.

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