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17t counter sprocket and new map

Observation on 17t counter sprocket:

I put this on my roadie around a month ago. It probably gets me a few more mpg, but if you're a big person or ride two up (which I haven't tried yet) in a hilly area at highway speeds, you could possibly find yourself downshifting. I'm only around 150lbs with gear on, and I live in Florida, but when going up what we call a hill here at 80MPH, it seems (going off memory) I have to give it a lil more gas. Starting from a stop seems about the same - no issues. Wish I could test it in the mountains, but that's a long ride from here :P Still trying to get my girlfriend to jump on the back and go for a ride as well.

I would not do this mod on an XC as it has the bigger rear wheel and same gearing as the roadie (from what I understand).

New ECU map 20652 (coming from 20634):

Threw this on last night. I can't tell any difference (no surprise here), but was curious if anyone else has noticed differences with the new maps?
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