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Some commentary: I picked up a Paraframe about a year ago when I was traveling for work with no checked bags. It has all the right features for me (clip, decent size, liner lock), but the quality is lacking. Too stiff, both opening and unlocking. It lives in my toolbox now. I use it for abusive tasks.

I have a couple assisted opening knives. They are 'fun' but I rarely EDC (every day carry) them. I'm always afraid I'll open them in my pocket. They all have a lock to keep them shut, but that's stupid. I don't want to have to unlock my knife before opening.

I think you want a standard (non-assisted) knife, but from a bit more of a quality minded outfit than Gerber.

Do you like a liner lock? Or will a standard back lock?

My two favorite carry knives:
CRKT Lake 111. You can find it for as little as $20, so I don't mind abusing it a little. You can get it with a solid blade or half serrated. I carry this the most.
My real favorite is a CRKT Crawford Falcon. The longer made. There was recently one on ebay.

That knife is easy to open, liner lock, and just 'works' for me. Neither of those have fancy blade, but they get the job done.

Your best bet is to handle some in a store. Pretty much anything from CRKT, SOG, Spyderco (who have a budget minded line, called Byrd) will be better than that Gerber.

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