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Krazy --
For a while, I did maintenance and simple mods out of my garage -- like with most new, small businesses, most of my early customers were acquaintances (my friends didn't need my services, being of a similar mindset).

Overall, it was a highly enjoyable experience, but there were a few customers that had very mercenary attitudes . . . "You changed the oil on my bike a month ago, and now the clutch cable is broken -- come pick up my bike or I'll make a report to the BBB." Often, our "friendship" was used as a crowbar in an attempt to get what they thought of as preferential treatment, and what I thought of as, well, unreasonable requests.

So long as there are those whose primary mission in life is ending every day feeling like they got over on SOMEone, these folks will be at your shop in some percentage . . . .

Like others, I wish you luck -- just be prepared to spend more time than you might expect in setting, and enforcing, expectations . . . . .
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