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CRKT lake 111

i have the CRKT Lake 111 with no serrations. been carrying it daily for about a year or two after i found it on sierratradingpost for around $20.

it's not really a good one hander, too stiff. and the stud gets caught on the fabric of pants pockets. other than that, it's fine. you can double lock it open, or lock it shut

. it's not super stout, but it seems strong enough for every day tasks. i like it because it doesn't look tacticool, but i won't be too upset when i have to replace it.

i've mentioned this spyderco before, and i think it's the best bang for the buck. i carry it at work. good handle to blade ratio, easy to control. had mine for a few years, no complaints at all.

the sypderco persistence:

for $30 bucks, it's hard to beat.

if you need a bigger blade, the "tenacious" is a couple bucks more:

those spydercos are made in china and use cheaper steel, but i'm impressed. i bought one of their "Byrd" knives for around $20, and promptly returned the POS.
bmw makes motorcycles now?
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