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Why do people get bent out of shape when discussing an issue like counter steering beyond push right to turn right? You might not be interested, but you can also choose to "read" TB all day long.

I've read through Tony's articles before and I don't remember him mentioning that at higher speeds it's the gyroscopic effect of turning the wheel instead of the "leans primarily due to the torque about the longitudinal axis produced by the slip angle, which was introduced by the countersteer" that causes the bike to lean over.

Got a link to that one about the gyroscopes?
the gyro effect is an additional torque that causes the bike to lean, it increases proportionally with wheel rotational speed, and acts in conjuction with lean torque from the "slip angle effect".

Foale has a chapter in his book regarding steering and balance where he covers it in detail.

Edit: looks like you can preview the book thru google:
check out chapter 4.

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