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Originally Posted by planktonnn View Post
I too can see gaiters on the front, though I'd rather see the thicker K series front end (like mine) with the stiffer top yolk & better brakes, but then you lose the spoked front wheel. I like the look of the cable/undertank res front brake solution, but dislike its lagging feel & detest the pivoty callipers whose name escapes me as I type... H/light & bars are nice, I think I'd be looking at a short front mudfenderguard similar in shape to the rear mud fenderguard, which by the way is slightly too short for me, but is longer than what I'd put on the front. I wonder how the rear plate would be done & how it would effect the lines?

The tank is nice but I prefer doing this with the K ally tank as it doesn't rust, or at least not in the same way, but then this one may well be lacquered or at least greezed to stave off t' rust.

Engine looks nice but being a messy sod I'd rather see it after 10k miles with a healthy dulling fur of ally oxidisation. I prefer RAASK reasets as the more foot forward position is not my preference, and for those I know with bigger feet the standard position means they end up kicking the carb bowls. I like the pipes, as they're a much more efficient length than mine, but not too long, stopping by the rear axle. I would have thought this would help with breathing/scavenging, I'm guessing at lower revs as the track/power/dyno based pipes I see are most often longer, but this is a pure guess.

I know that the local (and best) Dave the mechanic runs straight thru/ough 40mm longinsh pipes on his cafe boxer, with megaphone outers welded on to look like silencers, but there are only the smallest of slitted inlets from the thru/ough pipe into the megaphones. I don't recall if he has a front or rear (or both) cross pipe, but I think his exhaust is intended to work with his flowed heads, 90s carbs & 336 cam at higher revs - so I'm guessing long for high rev gain, and maybe short for low? Either way these look a nice length, and I've always liked a bit of exhaust wrap.

Tyres are nice, tho/ough I don't know what they'd turn like? Seat is too long for my needs as everyone steadfastly refuses to get on the back, and I'm not insured for a pillion anyway. Is it just me or are there really miserly rear pegs, if any at all. A double seat & no rear pegs would be an MOT fail at Micky Spermans bike shop, the one shop in the area where you sort of get made to feel uncomfortable for inconveniencing them when you pop in, or maybe that's just me? I prefer the stubby 'cut off behind the shock mounts' subframe, but then I think it needs bracing between the remaining top tubes to discourage the twist I imagine I can feel at the back of my hacked/unbraced rear end.

Can't see a battery mount box under the gearbox, so I wonder what's going on there? Total loss system? I note what seems to be a breather/pod/filter for the crankcase breather pipe at the top rear of the engine, below the petcocktap? I like no indicators or mirrors. I always try to keep a good awareness of what's around me but at the end of the day get keep out of MY way

Overall, no doubt better than I could manage so all respect to whoever did it, and its certainly more shiny than I would end up with. I do sort of prefer them to look lived on & not worth nicking, you know?
anything else to add
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