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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
I admit a Sportster is not the best cruiser for long trips, or to carry things on. I do include touring cruisers. But they are usually standard models with saddlebags and a windshield, which can be installed on most standard models. I don't like forward pegs plumb out to the front axle, but do like something where your knees have a little more than a 90 degree bend. A riders backrest is almost a necessity for long distance travel. Without one you have the reverse problem to a lean forward bike. You have to use your arms to pull yourself upright, which not only hurts, but has a negative effect on handling. I noticed the BMWR1200C, Royal Star Venture, and Victory Vision pictured here all have backrests.

I do not consider Choppers or Bobbers to be cruisers. They are basically non functional. They are strictly for looks. The Honda Fury for example would be worthless for traveling. But even they call it a chopper and not a cruiser. At the moment, Honda doesn't make anything In would really call a cruiser. They have transformed their 750 Shadow into a Sportster clone. The VTX 1300 and 1800 series bikes were great touring cruisers, as were the older Shadows. But Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki still make plenty of cruisers suitable for touring. and many Harleys are also great touring bikes. The BMW R1200C was also a great cruiser, to bad they don't make it anymore. I heard it was selling great just before they dropped it.

I have saddlebags, a T bag, a big roll bag on the passenger seat, a tank bag, and a windshield on mine. I have taken a lot of 2 week trips on it with no problems at all.

As far as this site being anti cruiser, then why does it have a scooter section (yes I like scooters as well, and own 3) Scooters would not seem to be good adventure bikes either, but most actually are. BMW GS models and KTMs are not the only adventure bikes out there. My first new motorcycle was a cruiser, a 1981 Suzuki 450L. I was hooked. There was nowhere I couldn't go on that bike, and in comfort. I do wish for the return of the non v-twin cruiser, but I doubt that is going to happen anytime soon.

As of now, Yamaha makes 12 cruisers suitable for long distance riding (everything but the Stryker, Raider, and V-Max) Suzuki has 8 (everything but the "M" series) and all Kawasaki cruisers are great for touring. So with just the Japanese models, there are 28 cruisers well suited for adventure bikes. And both Victory and Harley make several.

It seems most of the road bikes on here are some type of sport bike. I don't see how they are practical for long distance travel. They are uncomfortable, and there is no place to put anything. Yes it has been done. But it has also been done on an 883 Sportster too, though that is not exactly what I had in mind.
This notion that a Sportster is not a cruiser suitable for cruising is news to me. A cruiser does not have to be a huge lumbering tank to be comfortable for long distances.
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