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Question about lowering my '02...

Here's the deal: I'm 5'2 and have an obvious disadvantage riding my bike because it is naturally so tall. The bike came with lowering links but I'm not sure which ones (I think there's different lengths of lowering links...)

Last summer I lowered my aftermarkt rear suspension (what a tedious job) and lowered the front forks WAY too much and ended up messing the geometry of the bike so much that I crashed going 140 kmh on the hwy. SO. Keeping in mind that I won't be going that fast again, how do I A) bring the bike back to the exact stock height so that I can B) lower the front and the back at the same time to maintain the geometry so it doesn't become unstable at higher speeds.

Here is the link to the pics of my crash (if you guys are curious) just scroll down a bit.
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