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Opinons, please? I currently ride a SV650n. It was my first bike, and, being relatively small and nimble, it's is great for 'around town', which to me is N. NJ with the occasional jaunt into Queens to visit the folks. I'll also do the occasional weekend away, where I'll ride 100-150 miles, spend the night, and then back the next day. But, after seeing the 800 XC at the MC show, I'm seriously thinking about 'moving up', mostly for a bit more comfort on the longer rides, including some weather protection and having the ABS, as well as the ability to explore a bit more off the beaten path. I haven't test-rode the Tiger yet, and I'm not sure that a test ride would give me the full feel for dealing with the bike on a daily basis. I figured if I do buy the Tiger, I'd see how it did around town before making a decision to sell the SV650, but, money being what it is these days, knowing that I won't miss the SV650 and that I can put what I get for it towards the XC could make my decision a bit easier.

So, given the option of having these 2 bikes in the garage or just the Tiger, are they different enough that you'd keep both, or is the Tiger versatile enough to handle the narrow streets and parking between cars of city / suburb riding as well as the longer hauls?

I had a SV650S some years back. Has a hoot of an engine. Fast little bike.

Being the 's' model though, with the low bars, it was very fatiguing, so after a year or so I traded it for a DL1000 V-Strom. That was about 2002.

The XC is a lot bigger feeling bike than the SV. That said I don't recommend you test ride one unless you're prepared to buy one. Once you experience that triple motor and how nice the bike rides, there's pretty much no going back. The XC is easy to handle, not a heavy weight like the bigger ADV bikes, so it's still very handy for around town. My office is just 5 miles from the house, and I ride it about half the time. It's not so big and cumbersome that you hesitate to fire it up for a short jaunt.

I think you would just love it for what you describe. It's a very satisfying motorbike. You'll see a lot of owners that have owned a lot of different bikes previously. That speaks well for what it is.
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