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Originally Posted by blaisew View Post
The book sounds interesting, and I haven't read it, but (tongue in cheek you understand) I wonder if the bears have either! People don't really fully understand other people, much less another species. But, one can always play the odds and gather as much info as possible, especially when it's about a criter that could possibly view you as food!
As all bears (and other wildlife) often "do not get the memo" that they should not eat us superior humans, you are correct.

But that is one of the strong points of the book, the author doesn't make them into saints or demons, just predators that we must respect.

For many years I have heard "there has never been a recorded case of XXXX attacking a human without provocation" and similar dogmatic statements.

But nature is an opportunistic and evolving force, so don't expect hard and fast rules, 'cause there never are. You can only mitigate risk to a reasonable extent.
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