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Originally Posted by Emoto View Post
A few of my friends in Boy Scouts in the mid to late 60s had the Svea 123 so I had to be different. I got an Optimus 8R. Just like this, except
older and MUCH more used looking:

Awesome little stove that works just as well today as it did when I
bought it in 1968(?).

My newest stove is a Brunton Optimus Nova MultiFuel Expedition Stove (NLA):/brunton-optimus-nova-multifuel-expedition-stove:

No longer available (I think) but appears to use the same guts as the other current offerings.

I also have a larger Optimus Hiker, which is similar to my old 8R except a little larger with a pump on the tank. Found it on sale a few years ago for a good price, so picked one up. Haven't used it yet. Will try to get it into the rotation this year.

This is it:

Oh, and all I ever use in these is pump gasoline. Never had a problem, and my reasoning is that it means I carry a little extra fuel for the bike, if needed.
Thats 3 great soves you have there. All 3 is used by the Norwegian army. Take care of them and they will burn forever.
But be aware that last model have a filter inside the tube comming from the tank. This got cloged on mine, even i used camp stove fuel. Pulled the filter out and no problems after that.
How much fid you pay? I have a few for sale.
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