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Originally Posted by hbmichael View Post
So that brings me to the question, Do the FI models respond well to after market exhaust (TORS, Arrow, Etc) What mods are a must to go along with this? AND most importantly, is there a stumble just off idle with the FI bikes? If so, is there a real cure? Im tending to lean toward looking for a 2006 or 2007 model just because theyre carbed. I appreciate any honest opinions and wont begrudge anyone for their opinion.
My 08 EFI throttles impeccably from the get go - no stumbles or snatching anywhere. Always has done - with the original stock mufflers (too quiet) from new, then later with TORs retrofitted (with Triumph's TOR tune downloaded to ECU). No dramas - ran impeccably, changed mufflers and flashed ECU, ran impeccably.
Can't fault it. No induction or exhaust modifications (except the swapping to TORs) on mine.
The TORs noticably improved (over stock mufflers) acceleration in top end of speed range. e.g. time from 90mph to 100mph noticably shorter. And they're on the 'top' list of best sounds in the world!!
In short - I'm delighted with my EFI.
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