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Originally Posted by Vico1 View Post
I am not sure why, maybe I am not demanding enough, but I love my 5 hunny and I have had ZERO issues after desmog replacing 10M filter and installing JD turner. Starts perfectly, runs strong and very crisp. I came off a well set up 530 and there is no comparrison. This bike is wicked!

However, I live in Florida so super cold is not a problen nor is elevation nor for that matter water. I just do normal maintenance and ride the shit out of it...

If you are thinking about a 5hunny as your new ride you will not be disappointed. IMHO.
I agree 100%. Same exact set up but I did/do tweak the JD Tuner. I have mine mounted up on the frame close to the headlight so I can adjust it while riding. I deal with altitude from 0 - 500ft or so and temps from 10 - 95F. There's a small hiccup that shows its face once every few months so it does require a bump up or down, mostly in the mid range. Recently I put a supermoto setup on it and the bike is a screamer. I have an Aprilia SXV 550 that is also supermoto setup and sees alot of dirt roads and the occaisional trail. On the pavement I swear the EXC is faster and it does it with less violence, if youve been on an SXV then you know what I mean. The EXC surpases it hands down in all other areas. Ive been on WR250s, Husky 610s, DRZ 400s, KTM 690s and I wouldnt trade the EXC for any of them. In dirt trim is where the EXC really shines. The bike has made me a better rider in every way and the confidence it inspires for me is unmatched by any bike or time in my life with the bikes Ive owned and been on. I was getting a lot of flame outs in the begining when the bike was only desmogged and I found that just bumping the idle up a click at a time until it went away was good enough. Im also a very clutchy rider, I dont mind using it and Im very mindful of it so maybe thats part of my fix or lessened issue with it. Since the tuner Ive not had a flame out, the bike lugs in low rpm very well.
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