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Cool, like I wrote work is going to take up this year so my suspension work/testing will be done on the weekends so please bare with me.

I'm 6'2" and with all my gear on including my hydro pac filled weigh 200LBS. I run a tank bag that weighed in at 17LBS not including my Snake Slayer, ammo and Binochulars so lets round it up to 220 LBS. I'm going to be adding the Safari Tanks so I'll be testing and setting sag with the stock tanks full.

The only time I ride on the street is to get fuel so I'm not going to concern myself with street behavior but rather the very rocky terrain with gulleys hidden by tall grass that I spend most of my time riding at. This environment produces very high velocities so this is where I'm going to start. Today I started making a little test coarse with some old 4X4 and 6X6 scrap post that I'm going use for the square edge bumps and as long as the drought continues I have a dry creek bed that has enough gulleys to test for bottoming.

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I'll be watching this with interest. I did a little of my own experimentation, and I was/am quite happy with it (Link Here). If you're using the shim restacker software, I'd be interested to see how the shim stack I ended up with compares with what you end up with, and how it compares to stock and some other stacks I have records of. I keep the fork valving up to date on the google document I linked in that thread.

What sort of fork feel/usage are you going for? I like a pretty stiff fork, with plenty of compression damping, and not much plushness, I like to feel what the terrain, and preserve suspension travel for the big hits, without the front end moving around too much on little bumps. Figuring out what you're looking for will help immensely, and it sounds like that's something you've already thought about.
I've had your thread bookmarked for a few months now and it was one of the main deciding factors when I decided to do this myself, so thanks for that!

The thing that sold me on the restacker software is that it's advertised by them (The bottom of every page) that posting/sharing of all their information online is legal and encouraged as long as they are given credit. So anyone that has a shim stack that they would like to see ran by the software just give me a shout and I'll need to know if you're using the stock valve or not (Spring would be nice too) since part of the equation are the area of the ports and one of the things I'm going to be measuring Saturday.

Once again I'm no expert so I encourage everyone to not hesitate to chime in.

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Ductape. How did you mount your rigids with the high front guard?

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The mount is Black Dog Cycle Works mount. You have to grind down the front of the mount in order for it to fit in the groove on the high fender and then you need longer bolts to make up for the mount thickness. If you don't have a grinder you could take the mount and fender down to your local mechanic or body shop and I' sure they could fit it for you. (the mount is hidden by the fender so neatness doesn't matter).

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Just had the SPS treatment and very happy with it, but will obviously be looking to record optimum peronalized settings for the various types of rides I intend to make and loads I expect to carry. So this is all good stuff.

I also dig the tidiness of your prep work and the [perhaps contradictory] way you didn't even feel the need to take your Kriega pack off the back of the bike to do the work!

Thanks for taking the time to post.


P.S. Enjoyed your Flexx bars install piece too. I'll be doing mine in the next week or so.
Glad to help and man those bars really make a difference but I have had to relearn how to get the bike up on the centerstand, LOL.

As for my Kriega tail bag that thing never comes off the bike. I have all my emergency gear in it and love the ease in which I can get stuff in and out of it. I bought some shaving kits (minus the shaving stuff) at Walmart and used them to create a first aid, electrical and flat tire kits with. Throw in the slime compressor, tire Irons, a couple of tubes and extra base layer clothing in another dry bag and I'm well prepared.
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