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Originally Posted by brooklyn slim View Post
I'm contemplating the purchase of an 800 Roadie this spring. I do no off-road riding, only streets, backroads and some slab.

Would there be a reason to get the XC instead of the Roadie for my purposes? I believe the shocks and forks are larger diameter on the XC, with longer travel as well. More comfortable ride? I'd probably swap out the tires for something with a road tread, but other than that, is there something that recommends the XC over the roadie for a non-dirt rider? Do you think the roadie would be better "around town" than the XC?

For road use suspension travel length won't make a big difference as the roadie already has fairly long travel for a road bike and you aren't likely to use it all anyway. The plusher (from what I have read) feel of the XC might make a difference though. For all road use and if you plan to get more road oriented tires to me it seems obvious to get a roadie. If you are more than ~165lbs you may find the roadie suspension just fine. For us light folks it often considered too harsh. Can't see why you want to go with tubed tires of the XC. For less than the cost difference you could upgrade the front suspension of the roadie. I've had my roadie one year, have put about 12k miles on it and am averaging 54mpg.
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