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Got my rebuilt mono-shock back with the new orange spring all loaded in, it looks great. I didn't take a picture of this, but they put a new valve on the cartridge, so it should be way easier to recharge next time. Nice...
I got a little excited and started putting the rear end back together, feels good to see it taking shape:

I'm still waiting for my carb parts to show up, so I moved on to some air box mods. There was no inner side cover on the air box and the snorkel was falling off and won't sit properly in the top hole any more, I think that rubber is shot. The side cover had a rough hole hacked into it with some screen (I think from a screen door) pop riveted into it. There was lots of muck and debris in the air box, so I really wasn't happy with the state of the air box. When I took the bike out for a hour or so test ride I found the current side cover let in lots of water and junk in to the air box, for me an open side cover just isn't going to work. The air filter looks like a mud filter... Anyway you get the idea. I know air box mods are a hotly contested topic in the 640 world, but since for now I'm sticking with the BST and I intend to ride the bike mostly off road I'm going to open up the top of the box and rework the side to be open but less vulnerable to water and dirt getting in.

Trimming out the side cover to accept a new piece of aluminium:

New aluminum insert being trimmed out:

Test fitting the new slug:

I'll drill some small neat holes near the bottom off the slug to let the air box breath, but an new inner air box cover will be going in behind the side cover. I'll drill some holes closer to the top of the inner cover to prevent water getting into the air box and I'll back up those holes with some fine screen. That should keep the junk out.

I'm going to make a aluminum cover for the top of the air box as well, it will have two openings that will be backed up with some fine screen to keep junk out. Here is the start off that:

Thats it for tonight, I'll throw up some more pics soon.
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