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Part Juan

1. Engine, Transmission, and Drivetrain

1.a Discussions

Oil Threads

Idle RPMs

LC4 Rocker Arm Shimin' Discussion

CountPacMan's (hopefully) Definitive CDI Guide -

I got Metal Shards in Me Engine!!!

1.b How-To’s

Creeper’s Oil Change Thread

Creeper’s Valve Inspection

Creeper's Finding TDC-C

Creeper's LC4 Sprocket Seal Replacement

Creeper’s Re-sealing the KTM LC4 rocker cover

markjenn’s LC4 Bearing Upgrade Thread

1.c Other Service and Repairs

Radiator Repairs (JB Weld)

Waterpump Threads

Creeper's Radiator Removal Tips (yep, he was bored again)

Clutch Noise?
With link to the KTM Tech Bulletin on:
"Tightening Procedure For Balancer Shaft Assembly Bolts On 2003 LC4 Engines" (thanks dirtrider! )

1.d Mods and Upgrades

6th Gear for LC4?

Coolant Threads

2. Carburetion, Exhaust and Other Highly Contested Subjects

2.a Discussions

Creeper’s LC4 Exhaust Thread

and then the Other Exhaust Threads

Carb Discussions

FCR Threads

BST Thread

OMFG, a rational comparison of the BST to a FCR...

LC4 Exhaust dB Testing Thread

2.b Service and Repairs

Gaspipe's Dirty Finger - and Setting the BST's Carb Float Height

EXTERNAL LINK: Factory Pro's guide to setting float height (w/tools)

EXTERNAL LINK: MaxAir's guide to setting float height (w/tool)

Further Discussion of Float Height Tinkering

EXTERNAL LINK: Factory Pro's guide CV Carb Tuning

A little birdy’s chain adjustment thread

Which Sprockets?

Which Chain? And how Long?

2.c Mods and Upgrades

Upgrading the Lower Chain Guide (pp 117-118 thanks rjf!)

Loaded’s Gearing Thread

BST Mix Screw Threads

3. Chassis (Bodywork) and Controls (Cockpit)

3.a Discussions

Ergonomics or Bar Height, Seat Height, and Peg Height? More Links Please!

IMO Threads

Estimating Fuel Level?

Fuel Gauge Discussion

Rallye Tank Thread

LED Tailight

Which Fancy Saddle to Replace this Board?

3.b Service and Repairs

Tank Repair Threads

3.c Mods and Upgrades

External LinksHigh-Performance Seating by Renazco Racing
aka Renazco Racing Seats

Reviews of Renazco Racing Seats

Review of Guts Racing Seats

Review of Bill Mayer Saddles

Review of Russell Seat


04 and later High Fender Conversion Thread (links therein)

PASSMORE's pre-2003 Centerstand Upgrade Thread

Bar Riser’s

LC4 Windscreen Threads

Toolbox Ideas

Mirror Threads sherpa's mod added

HID and Other Lighting Threads

Wiring Diagram for Running Both High and Low Beams at Once

Bark Busters (aka Handguards)

LC4 Damper Threads ChrisC approved spelling!


Horn Thread

GPS Setup Threads

Sherpa’s Custom GPS Mount

4. Electrical

4.a Discussions

Repost of Flanny’s LC4 electrical output post

I need more power Mr. Scott!!!

I need more lighting Mr. Scott!!!

LC4 Stator Upgrade

4.b Service and Repairs

Troubleshooting the Charging System (faultchecking)

4.c Mods and Upgrades

Loaded Wiring Handwarmers

I Need More Light Mr. Scott! (thanks velocibiker!)

5. Suspension and Wheels and Brakes

5.a Discussions

Tire Threads

Creeper’s Inner Tube Thread

Suspension - forks, shocks, springs, etc
Forks and Shock
Fittment (see above also)

Front End Wag Question

Anyone Hear Loaded Squeal???

5.b Service and Repairs

Creeper’s Servicing the LC4 Chassis Swingarm Thread

Neduro’s Tire Changing Class

ktmnate's Bead Breakin' Mambo!

Yogoi's repost of desmofan's bead breakin' tool

Air in Front Brakes?

Servicing the Forks

Broken Spokes?
Tech Bulletin for Spoke Maintenance
and... 01-03 640 Adventure front rim recall info

ATF as Fork Oil???

5.c Mods and Upgrades

Woody’s Wheel Works KTM Wheel Thread

6. Other

6.a General Discussions

KTM Adventure Threads

LC4 Setup Threads See BST Threads for more on their setup
Note: some of these are discussions, proceed with your brain on!

LC4 Enduro Threads clintnz's upgrade threads added

LC4 Owner's Manual and Engine Service Manual Links
UPDATE: KTM NA has recently cracked down on sharing these resources. If you require these materials and 'cannot wait to purchase them commercially' - here or here for example - please “ask ‘a friend’ to borrow theirs”

LC4 Anti-Vibe Threads

Meat Popsicle’s Kick Starting Thread

External Link Other external links to stuff

6.b Services and Repairs

External Link Horizon's Unlimited LC4 Maintenance Thread

Insight Cylinder Service

Loadedagain's Machine Shop (bar end weights, bar risers, BST mixture screws, etc.)

dirtrider’s Larger Displacement Yeah, he’s a big bore…

Tools, Toolkits, and Related Schwag
NOTE: first stab - give me your links!!!

External Links Adventurer's Workshop (afetke)

Torque Wrench Thread

Loctite Thread

Tech Tips

6.c Luggage

jimjib's Threads (pics gone?!? )

Other Threads

LC4 Pilot's Searches

Soft Bagz

Tank Bagz – thanks ChrisC and Velocibiker and sherpa!

AdventurePipe’s Pelican Case Customized Luggage and Racks

6.d Protection

Velocibiker's Pennytech Light Guards

CF tankguards

Tank Guard Bars

More Tank Protection

LC4 Cock Protection

Rallye Skidplate Boxes

More Skidplates

Part Deux.


2002 and 2003 KTM Factory Brochures

LC4 (640) Models and Model Year Differences (very incomplete!)

Notorious Bikez

Creeper’s "I'm Bored" Thread

External Links The Flanimals' Beast
And the legendary Jetting Guide (don't forget to send him $29.95!)

External Link Jerome's Worldly 640 Home Page

External Link Yet another round the world LC4

External Link Hiroyuki 640 webpage

External Link German KTM Adventure Forum(thanks Happe)
Thanks again Happe!

Adapt or Die

DirtyVFR’s Mothership

Scotty's Orange Katoom

and Scotty's Touratech Rallye Cockpit Conversion

Flyshop's 640 Adventure

Boyscout's Review

LC4 Race Bikes

2005 LC4 Threads


Alternative Lifestyles
(ok stock battery got ya down?)

vrago's Review of the Power Now Velocity Stack for the FCR carb

Second Fan on the LC4

KTM Oil Cooler

LC4 Auto Clutch Threads

Third Oil Filter?


Installing XM Radio
by sherpa

Efficiency… Tank Range… OK, so how far can I go?

Anyone Wanna Remove Your Petcock???

badmunkie’s Idiot Light Catalogue


Extinct KTM Shoot the Shite Threads

Evans Coolant Thread

Spark Plug Threads

Buckster's Machinations
(Batteries and Spark Plugs)

LC4 Longevity Contest (odometer says?)

External Links KTM Yahoo Groups
(Duke specific)

External Links Witzgall's Blog
Kronreif Trunkenpolz Mattighofen LC4 640

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