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Originally Posted by davebig View Post
You didn't do that bad with your fz-1 mount, hell even my welder electrical tech mentor makes himself diagrams even draws more complex circuits on his computer before creating them,( eccentric prefers classical music while welding) .The important thing to remember is one never has enough good crimping and or stripping tools.
I was tempted to put a battery back in my stock position to just have terminals to attach everything to and make the area neater, and I may yet.DB
Be cool to have two batteries. Need some kind of isolator between them so you always got one battery full.

In my pic there, the big wire wrapped around in front is actually an 18-inch pigtail that attaches to my heated seat. I also have a 12-inch pigtail for my heated jacket somewhere in that mess. Take away those two things and it would look a bit tidier.


Sometimes I think you and me are the only ones subscribed to this thread, but the view count keeps going up so I guess somebody else must find this chatter entertaining. Over 40,000 views now.
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