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Originally Posted by gtj View Post
Hi There,

I recently purchased the City Navigator and loaded it into my Montana 650 for use on my motorcycle.
The problem I am encountering is that I commonly get the "Lost Satellite Reception" message from the unit. There is a wide open view of the sky. The error seems to mainly occur after making a turn and accelerating whereby the pointer heads off at an angle kind of bisected by the road turned onto and the original direction, then the error message shows up. It takes a km or two before re-establishing the satellites and showing proper progression on the unit. I have never encountered this problem before while using the unit for hiking, kayaking or on my ATV, although these uses would be at lower speeds.

Anyone else experience a similar fault?
Any suggestions?

Thanking You In Avance,
I've never had that kind of problem but my wife's 650 lost its antenna connection internally once, and we needed to send it in under warranty for replacement. The antenna problem we had was not intermittent. It was no longer receiving a signal unless we connected an external antenna.

Is your Montana getting interference from other electronics on your bike, or do you have multiple maps enabled, causing a slowdown?
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