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P.O.S. Alert!
Since I can't find the "I Hate This Gun!" thread.
Just a quick heads up. Watch out for the M-1 Carbine variant made by the now-defunct (for good reason) Universal Firearms, especially the "later" ones.

I bought one back in 2001 off a co-worker's Mother after the death of his Father. My fault; she and he knew nothing about guns, and I did no research first. Think I paid $225.

He said it had never been shot, and it looked like it hadn't. Well, 2 weeks later after the 5th round through it....

Pardon the dust. I got pissed off and threw it in the back of the closet, where it's sat ever since. Finally bought a $6 sleeve to store it in. And to add insult to injury, almost NONE of the parts work w/ ANY other M-1!

Oh well, I've got two 20-round mags and two bandoliers of Korean-made ammunition (at a 2001 price), and a few other usable parts. Someday I'll get a REAL M-1.

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