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Thumb BMW Xmoto to XChallenge conversion

Hello All,

I'm wanting to convert a Beemer Xmoto to an XChallenge and as the bikes share lots of components I think it would be do-able... in theory. But you know that old saying "in theory practice and theory are the practice they seldom are..."

Why, you may ask, do you want to do a conversion? The answer is that, here in the UK, finding a decent un-thrashed XChallenge is like finding hen's teeth!

I'm aiming for something like a low budget version of Walter Colebatch's bike (imitation being the most sincere form of flattery). The biggest problem may be the change of wheels i.e. what hubs to use in the build of 21" & 18" wheels.

Is there anyone out there able to offer any advice.

Thanking you in anticipation.

N.B. Be gentle with me as this is my first ever post despite lurking on various threads for years...
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