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Originally Posted by HapHazard View Post
I use red Scotchbrite to give a nice "brushed" finish (or as a step toward a polished surface).
But if you just want to clean the aluminum oxide off, I've used a product called "Coil-Brite-A", which is designed to clean the coils in A/C units.
Here's B4:

I sprayed it on lightly, then scrubbed with a nylon brush, then wiped it off with a damp rag.
Then after:

I just did the fins on the head.

Another thing to try is one of the citrus-based cleaners - I've used them, but the coil cleaner worked better for me on aluminum oxide.

What izzit your trying to clean? (We like pictures here).
I'm wondering what this stuff will do to the painted engine parts on an engine? In my case I have a project bike that I've already painted the side cases & have not cleaned the engine.Sort of cart before the horse deal. I read the product sheets on the coil cleaner & it seems to be mostly phosphoric acid which I already have in the 3M btl used for AB work. Dont know about the concentration though-coil cleaner is ~25%.
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