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Originally Posted by richardak View Post
This was my first venture out of the garage on 01-01-13 and I couldn't get up the driveway. Now with studded tires, no problem.

The sidecar is a Cozy Rocket sidecar that I found locally on CL here in Fairbanks, AK, last October. The tug is my '83 BMW R100RT airhead. Mounting hardware and subframe from DMC. I'm still working out details such as lights and no sidecar brake and no steering mods.

Originally Posted by tony the tiger View Post
How's it handle?
Originally Posted by richardak View Post
I only have about 150 miles on it so far but handling is fine. The steering is heavy as you might have guessed but not enough to make me want to change anything. Some had concerns that the car would be too light but with the DMC mounts, the track is pretty wide which may compensate some. With 50 lbs of ballast in the trunk, I can't lift the sidecar wheel at all by yanking on the bars while standing on the left peg. No extra steering stabilizer has been added beyond the stock adjustable one. I'm still learning so I haven't gone above 45 mph. The screw in studs add another variable to the ice and snow covered roads. With snow and ice on our large parking lots, I would start sliding before the sidecar wheel lifts on circles to the right. This was before I added the screw in studs and I haven't tried it since. I'm having fun!

The sidecar frame was beefed up a bit with a new tubular cross member to fit with the rear DMC mounting hardware and the front solid steel shaft was modified to work with their mounting hardware. None of the Cozy universal mounting parts and pieces were used.
Sounds good!'s mine.

Ural tub, Lowell Neff subframe, dual brake pedals (rear/hack) and a unit leading link - otherwise pretty much the same, eh?
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