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Hey 2 Dogs

Purchased a 2008 990 last spring, best choice for a scooter I have ever made. Put 4000 miles on it before the snow flew and shut us down. One oil change and 1 rear tire was the extent of maintenance. Were some small repairs after a rather hard brush with a tree but that was not the bikes fault. I came off of a XR 650 R that was dual sported. Oil change is a pain, but you can get it done before you finish the 6 pack. The only reason the oil change is a pain is all the plastic that needs removed, the task is not difficult just time consuming.

I hear all this crap on OC about unreliability, it is BS. Probably posted by girls on BMW's.

Admittedly I am probably a bit above average in mechanical skills, but I have not had to use them.

By it you will not regret it, if you do they are very easy to sell. Pops
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