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Question Should I Buy?

Hey All,

First post, excited to be here!!

I'm going to look at a 1991 DR350s over the weekend, but first I'm hoping for a bit of advice on what to ask about and if the price is right. Here's the seller's post:

His asking price is $975, is this fair? NADA shows 'excellent' condition to be $1000 and 'good' at $775 so I'm inclined to think an $800 ballpark is reasonable.

Any input on what I should ask about, what I should be aware of during a test ride that's specific to these bikes?

I've only ridden sport bikes to date, but I'm really drawn to adventure riding - there are lots of great trails around my area. My sis also lives in Crested Butte, so fun weekend trips are in my future. AND the Continental Divide Trail is on my list. I'm drawn to these older 4-stroke thumpers because of reliability (is this assumption accurate?) and environmental impact (emissions being better than a 2-stroke). As a rider who's new to trail bikes, but used to big, torquey machines (I ride an FZR1000), do you think this is a good choice? I do want something street legal so I can ride to nearby trails as opposed to loading it up for a 10-min drive.

Thanks in advance!
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