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Originally Posted by RedRocket View Post
They need to find a way to bring in more new riders to sustain the sales of the rest of the bikes.
Who other than testosterone fueled young men buying sport bikes enter the new bike market in any number?
Don't know about the USA, but in the UK the average age of a new bike buyer is, allegedly, 48.

I read recently that the average age of a motorcycle on UK roads is 11 years; so a lot of riders are on machines built and sold in 2002.

These new Honda's meet the Euro A2 licence, which means riders aged 19 can legally own one. So they will be cheap to buy, do 70+mpg, and have 8000+ mile service intervals. Gas is $8 a gallon here, insurance is a big cost for any young rider (a 19 year old in a small car would be paying about 2500 a year).

Many of our 70mph limits are being down-graded to 50mph, the roads are clogged, and pot-holed. These NTX bikes and the new 500 series are perhaps part of the answer (for the DL650 fans, that bike is already the UK's top-seller for Suzuki).

The maxi-scoot compare is a valid one; not only do we have a decent sized ride-to-work segment, but on mainland Yurp the cities are full of scooters. I've seen businessmen whipping through Spain on T-Maxes, and office workers on all kinds of scoots.

As for tourer, remember the USA is truly huge. A European might consider 600-miles a tour, whereas you folks might consider that a decent day-ride.

But lane-splitting is legal virtually everywhere; you can move pretty quickly though the landscape on a slim bike.
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