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Originally Posted by dav_dman View Post
looks good. Miles? dont see any turn signals. Its kick start..have him show u how decomp works if those older ones have a decomp lever, not sure. Perfect size bike imo, for what you wanna do.
Thanks for the input. Glad to hear I'm looking for the right type of bike. No turn signals required in CO - break-light, head-light, mirror, and horn are the min. But my truck doesn't even have a horn so I'm not concerned there.

When I spoke to the guy on the phone he said 'low miles' but couldnt remember specifically. He did say he flips bikes for extra income, so I know I'll have to ask a lot of questions about maintenance history.

a1fa, thanks for your advice as well! I guess my price suggestion must have sounded greedy, I'm not looking to rob the guy. Thanks for helping me get a handle on the market!

Thanks again.
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