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Originally Posted by GRinCR View Post
No hay problema. Nothing diez rojitos can't take care of with the Transitos.
Let's see...10 rojitos that's, what, 10,000 colones, some $20? I thought about going doing that path, but then I walked by a huge lot of confiscated motorcycles. Didn't have my camera, but there must have been at least 50 of them. All is takes is one official to say no, and bike ends up there, or so I'm told. But plates are supposed to arrive this afternoon, so it seems best to wait.

My sis in law is the owner of paint store "Pinturas Alpha" in Pérez. I go there in the afternoons to talk, have she's preparing her son's textbooks by laminating them home-made style.

Paint costs about the same prices as in the U.S, $15-30 a gallon. Interesting to see the customers come in and start discussing pricing. "¿y me da un descuento?" (will you give me a discount?) seems to come up in most of the conversations.
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