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Originally Posted by YakSpout View Post
Yep. Mentioned it a few pages back, but nobody else said there were playing it.

I'm TR on SolTech. Playername: YakSpout (surprise!)

I'm playing NC in Helios.

The game has such a steep learning curve but holy crap it's all kinds of fun. Within the 10 minutes I got squadded with a platoon of tanks. I hopped into somebody's tank to AG for them. It was like an old school Command and Conquer tank rush, only the tanks were manned by individual players. The amount of players and action was just plain ridiculous. So confusing but so awesome.

Last night I got squadded in with an awesome crew. All we were doing was doing sneak attacks behind enemy lines, capturing unmanned bases. A dozen guys load up in a Galaxy, sneak around the front lines and hit them from the rear. Deploy, capture, back in the Galaxy and head for the next base. If the Galaxy gets blown up one of the infiltrators hacks a terminal and gets us a Sunderer to plod around in. I've never seen that kind of teamwork in a game before.
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